Carmel Cleary

Diploma in Counselling, MBACP.
Carmel Cleary Counselling. (Accredited)

I describe myself as Compassionate in my approach to my clients, and Conscientious in the time and effort which I take to build Confidence and a trusting relationship between us. I am trained in Person Centred counselling, but my training and my developing coursework has given me a strong bias towards Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I believe that each client is an individual.  My aim is to tailor my counselling to suit that individual’s needs, offering a warm, caring and non-judgemental attitude. While some clients are better able to work cognitively, having identified their difficulties early in their counselling process, others will need to explore and process their feelings at a pace which is more suited to their individual problems.  Whichever path is taken, I recognise that all clients are successfully counselled within the relationship they form with the counsellor.

Working from a person centred perspective allows me to help clients to access their feelings and emotions, walking alongside them as they identified and process them.

I am however equally comfortable working at a cognitive level for issues such as anxiety, depression and anger management – identifying the client’s thoughts and beliefs – helping the client to redirect his thinking patterns that otherwise keep him locked into dysfunctional moods and behaviours.

I have for some time worked with adults who have been sexually abused as children, and I am equally interested in counselling who are burdened with anxiety and depression.

For further information you can contact me on: 07941 840433